End of an Era


  • Rahul Dravid is the first batsmen who has registered a score of century in all test playing nations.
  • He has played 93 consecutive five day test matches for India
  • The first player to score 10000-run at No.3 position
  • Rahul Dravid has a record of most number of catches in Test Cricket.
  • His highest knock of 270 runs is the longest innings played by an Indian batsmen in terms of minutes.
  • He holds a record for not being dismissed on a duck for 120 innings consecutive one-day matches.
  • He is only the second non-English cricketer to have hit 3 or more centuries in a two different test series in England, the other being Sir Donald Bradman.

Now if some player  has so many achievements on his CV then he ought to be the most famous personality of his national team. But for Rahul Dravid it wasn’t so. Playing alongside some of the finest strokemakers like Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag and VVS Laxman has its own disadvantages.

I started following cricket since ’97-’98 and the first player that I started admiring was Sachin Tendulkar and the Second was none other than Rahul Dravid. No matter he would go for any shots but he was the person who always held the innings together for the Indian cricket team.

Playing in an era when everyone gave too much importance to strokemakers, rules were changed to make the game more suited for dynamic batting; very few gave chance to Rahul Dravid to survive in the limited overs game. But the silent guy that he is, always proved everyone wrong with his bat. The turning point being the ’99 World Cup where he came out as the top scorer. After that he was the backbone of the Indian batting lineup.

The qualities that made him unique were temperament, determination, dedication and his patience. Such was his dedication for his team that he even started to keep wickets for the balance of the team. Changing his batting position whenever the team needed. Such was his patience that bowlers would drift away from their line and length but he wouldn’t fell to the temptation for hitting the good delivery. But at the same time he would let any bad delivery get away.

Surely the world of cricket will miss one great player and the Indian team will find it difficult to find another player of his caliber.


Nothing to post


These days I am more surprised with myself. As normally I would have written about the topics I have skipped them this time. Also my frequency of posting has dipped nowadays. Not that love for blogging has dipped but still I found myself not posting more often.

As the regular by-passers(off course readers I mean) of this blog would have noted I normally post about sports especially cricket and though so much happened in the cricket world in the past month still no posts from me 😯 . The IPL happened, a controversy took place around the IPL, Sachin had his birthday (and I didn’t even wished him here sorry Sachin. But better late than never happy belated birthday and thanks for entertaining us for so many years. Hope you will win world cup for India next year) and still no posts from me. Even in other sports there was a lot of activities EPL is at the business end as well as Champions League. India getting a tough draw in Asia Cup 2011. Saina consistently reaching semis and quarters of various tournaments. Anand fighting against Topalov. And above all a sporting marriage (really?) of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik.

Most surprisingly for me I am finding myself a little loss of words or creativity to come with posts with regularity. So looking for some creative ideas to post. Do you have any? (Oh my! this has been one of the most creative post of mine 😉 )

Incredible Hulk

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Sachin - The Incredible Hulk

This is the post that I was writing when Sachin scored the first 200 in the history of ODI but somehow I didn’t complete it and am posting it now.

He is very small when compared to Hulk in respect to his size but when it comes to scoring runs he matches Hulk’s size. Well if you haven’t seen him batting you only have to look at his records.

Batting and fielding averages

Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 4s 6s Ct St
Tests 166 271 29 13447 248* 55.56 47 54 55 104 0
ODIs 441 430 40 17398 186* 44.61 20254 85.89 45 93 1902 182 134 0
T20Is 1 1 0 10 10 10.00 12 83.33 0 0 2 0 1 0
First-class 268 422 45 22336 248* 59.24 74 100 172 0
List A 528 515 54 20950 186* 45.44 56 111 169 0
Twenty20 25 25 3 750 69 34.09 599 125.20 0 5 95 17 14 0
Bowling averages
Mat Inns Balls Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 4w 5w 10
Tests 166 130 3994 2299 44 3/10 3/14 52.25 3.45 90.7 0 0 0
ODIs 441 267 8020 6817 154 5/32 5/32 44.26 5.10 52.0 4 2 0
T20Is 1 1 15 12 1 1/12 1/12 12.00 4.80 15.0 0 0 0
First-class 268 7359 4191 69 3/10 60.73 3.41 106.6 0 0
List A 528 10196 8445 201 5/32 5/32 42.01 4.96 50.7 4 2 0
Twenty20 25 8 93 123 2 1/12 1/12 61.50 7.93 46.5 0 0 0

The figures are also before the 200 he scored. Its a real wonder how he manages to score so many runs even at the age when others thinks about hanging up their boots. Maybe he always is motivated by the will to win the ODI world cup the only missing trophy in his trophy cabinet.

A Salute to a great sportsman

Gilly Accuses Sachin

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Nearly 10 months passed after this incident but still this the Sydney fiasco refuses to die off. This time Gilly accuses Sachin of not being honest.

Since this incident happened I have said that it has been due to difference in the culture. monkey is th racial abuse for the Australians but not for the Indians. Simillarly the Indians consider the bastard as an abuse but for Australians it is not. They use it while playing between themselves.

I don’t know whether Bhajji said monkey or maa ki so I would not comment on whether Sachin lied or not. But I thought that this incident will have some positive effects too. I found out some as now Hayden understands and respects Bhajji more than he did before(or that is what he claimed afterwards). But the positives has been very few but there has been too many negatives.

The other thing that Gilly said is that the Indians doesn’t get along after they lose. This too was made in reference with the same match with the Indian team not waiting to shake hands with the Australians and the umpires after the match was lost. But I think even if I would have been in Indian team I would have done the same. The Indians had the upper hand in the test right from the first day but that was denied by the wrong decisions. To top of that the Australians even started claiming grounded catches on the final day. So the Indians had the right of feeling cheated.

Though I think Gilly is right that Indians shouldn’t have pressurized by threatening to end the tour but at the same time I think it was necessary to awaken the sleeping giant (BCCI). Till then the BCCI didn’t even bother to appoint a lawyer to defend its player who right from the start claimed that he never abused Symonds racially.

Meanwhile I think Sachin, who has always maintained a safe distance from controversies (except the one with Greg Chappel after the world cup 2007 and the ball tampering one) will be thinking that why was I batting at the other end when this incident occur. For now this incident has brought disrepute to even him.

I hope this controversy meet its end here. But I would also like Gilly and other Australians those think that Bhajji went scotfree. What about Brad Hogg & Andrew Symonds? OK Bhajji got away with a leniant punishment for what he did. I agree with that. But Symonds was the one who started that ugly spat for one mindless reason & even Hogg abused a sportsman and gentleman of Kumble’s stature. Why no punishment to them? Kumble didn’t complain to match referee thinking about the realtions between the two teams which were already deteriorating. Why didn’t Ponting think likewise? He complained  even after Kumble requesting him not to do so at the end of the play of that ill fated day. If he wouldn’t have complained maybe all these bitterness wouldn’t have lasted with everything sorted out by talks. And who knows maybe then the Indian team would have shaked hands after that match even after facing such horrendous decisions.