Will we now be corruption free?

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So Anna Hazare and all his follower’s struggle finally brought some good result with government agreeing to strong Lokpal bill and the whole nation has been overjoyed since. But the interesting question I was thinking is will this stop corruption? After thinking a lot I always come to one conclusion and that is NO.

Lokpal Bill was always about investigating corruption charges, if I am not wrong; thereby it becomes one of the means to bring the  culprits to punishment. Corruption is deep into our organization and hence we needed a strong Lokpal bill. Even Anna and team kept mentioning that this is one step towards controlling corruption. So what next?

As always it has to be started from ME. It was like this, it is like this and it will always be like this. You have to decline bribe, neither should you bribe anyone. I think we can achieve this. From the fact that so many people supported Anna I assume many of us have done it when it seemed the only option. So if we can opt for the difficult option i.e. without paying bribe then we should go with it. Its the only way in controlling the corruption.



The Revival

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India won the Cricket World Cup and my blog was left without any posts. No, it had nothing to do anything with lack of posts but me getting a little lazy and also little time I used to get. I am taking a little too much time to balance my professional and personal time. So after about 4 months I feel the desire to return to my blog. I know I can’t blog on daily basis but I ‘ll try to do it at least on weekly basis. So here I go on revival of my blog mission 🙂

The world at their feet

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After 28 years creating renaissance in cricketing world by defeating the ‘unbeatable’ looking West Indies,  India again won the World Cup becoming only third nation to have won the tournament more than once. West Indies and Australia being the other two. Most notably Both the times India have won ending the World Cup winning streak of these two teams.

With Australia loosing too many tournaments in the past few months they weren’t really the out and out favorites like they were in previous two editions. (In 1999 South Africa were the favorites.)  South Africa had probably the best balanced side on the paper for the second time after 1999 but their choking history was standing against them. India and Sri Lanka had a really strong teams but home pressure was a factor going against them. So there was no clear favorite in this tournament. And that also showed on field as the tournament finally got a final that was interesting to watch.

When the tournament started India were rusty in their bowling and were putting a lot of pressure on the strong batting line-up. A tie to England that lost 6-1 to Australia just prior to the tournament created some doubts in many fans minds. The scraping wins against minnows Ireland and Netherlands didn’t help in clearing those doubts and the loss to South Africa just increased that doubt manifold. But those group stage fears were dusted by the Indian team by some convincing display in the knockout phase. The best thing in these matches was the fielding of the side that was always criticised. The highlight of the final was a 38 year old Tendulkar diving to stop a boundary. Just heartwarming for any Indian cricket fan.

On the other hand Sri-Lanka had entered into the finals with authority. The loss to Pakistan being the only blip on the radar. The washed out match against Australia was also not out of their hands and according to me they were in really good position to end the Australia’s unbeaten run in World Cup before Pakistan did it later in the group stage. But just when the final hurdle was in their sight something started going wrong for them. Murli and Matthews weren’t fit They got cover for them but once the winning combination gets altered it gets tough to get the right combination. But still having said that they had done everything right for almost 45% part of the game.

And finally the celebrations started and the whole nation refuse to go to sleep on the night of the first saturday of April. The roads of Mumbai and its suburbs which were quiet for whole day came alive with youngsters dancing, singing, drinking and shouting out patriotic slogans like ‘Bharat mata ki jai’. Some of the celebration, though, I think was not in the good spirit. Some youngsters tried to do a wild stunts on bikes putting risk to their as well as others life, some shouting obscenities at the Sri Lankan team which had played a nice match giving run for money to their team and also obscenities at some tourists if they spot one.

Watching those celebrations also forced my mind to go back 4 years. At that time India was out of World Cup in the group stage itself and people even carried out the last rites of some players.

The best quote came from a friend, ” I haven’t seen these many Indian flags even on our Independence day or Republic day rallies”. A sport can truly evoke more patriotism than many other occasions. 🙂

Something to ponder

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Venue: Jalgaon Junction Railway Platform

At about 9:30 am Bhusawal – Surat passenger arrives at Jalgaon station. A group of 5-6 ladies get down at the station. The ticket collector approaches them and ask them for their tickets. They had none. Now what did the ticket collector did, I really didn’t know. But some facts to consider.

Distance between Jalgaon-Bhusawal is 25 km.

Fare of a passenger train is Rs.4.

What a facility it is for the citizens but still people find it really painstaking to buy a ticket to travel in a train. And then keep commenting what kind of political leaders we have……creating one scam after another. But what about us, ourselves? It is really something to ponder…..

Cricket Crazy Nation

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Everyone knows how cricket crazy Indians are but to what extent can this go up to?

Just one encounter to judge this fact. Just after India won 2nd ODI of the just concluded India-South Africa series by just 1 run from a losing position, I was gossiping with my friends about it while we were walking down a road. Suddenly a man stopped me and just said, “mala kay vatata ki te makar sankrant hoti mhanun match aaplyala jinku dili nahitar aapan naste jnklo.” (I think the match was fixed on our favour just because the match was on the eve of Indian festival Makar Sankrant)

My only reaction was 😀 😀 LOL 😀 😀

Finally I am no more a berozgaar

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No post in quite some time. But I am back and hope to post a little more often these days. Seems a little bit unlikely how my past week and half has gone by. But I still can hope and I do :).

The past week and half has been a little too busy as I finally got a job and am no more berozgaar (unemployed). So now finding time for quite some things is getting difficult but I think I will manage somehow after a couple of weeks when I get used to the current drastic change in my life. Calling it drastic is a little bit awkward as it was desirable change but I also want to find some time for my hobbies and some leisure activities. It seems I want a lot without an compromise but at the moment I think it is more fun to adjust without compromising. Lets see whether I succeed in adjusting………..with my fingers crossed.

Our Next-Gen Leaders

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We always like to look at the future with a little hope that it would be better than the present, atleast a tad better. But what if our so called ‘next-gen leaders’ themselves show that it won’t be the case?

Well this is about Aditya Thackeray, son of Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray. He had forced the Mumbai University to discontinue Rohinton Mistry’s ‘Such A Long Journey‘ from its English literature syllabus just in the middle of term. Okay I won’t say much about it. Just noting down a passage right from a news daily ‘Mumbai Mirror’ (dated October 13, 2010).

Reading the offending passages in ‘Such A long Journey’, he told the Indian Express on Tuesday, “was enough to give (one) goosebumps.”

When Mumbai Mirror reporter Anand Holla had asked him last fortnight whether he’d read the book, Aditya texted him : ” We didn’t have the book, Anandji, so I haven’t read it, but many students tol me about it.” To get goose bumps with such a second-hand account, young Thackeray must have an extraordinarily sensitive epidermis.

Now I am not saying whether the book should be banned or not as I haven’t read the book and honestly I don’t have an idea what the book is about. But my point is why he took such an extreme step without even confirming whether the book is really offending to anyone? Maybe he atleast from next time verify his facts before taking any such action.

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