What is about 23 March

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We celebrate too many days; like Independence day, Republic day, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Teacher’s day, Children’s day, Valentine’s day, even Friendship week. But we Indians hardly remember what happened on 23 March. What is so special about this day? We hardly remember it unless someone message us about it or we find someone sharing about it on social sites.

On 23rd March 1931 three great revolutionaries gave away their lives for inspiring more youths to fight against the British Raj for our freedom. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdeo and Rajguru were hanged on this day 71 years ago. Such was their bravery, which increased their popularity with the masses; that the British Raj executed their death sentences a day earlier when their death sentence originally scheduled to be on 24th March 1931 but instead carried out a day earlier. And fearing the agitation of the masses they broke the rare wall of the Lahore jail to cremate the three martyr’s in the darkness and then threw their ashes in the Sutlej river about 10 kms from Ferozepore.

And today we hardly remember them.


Oh! I am here again

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Oh what place is this……It seems to be familiar but I am unable to recall it…….Oh its my blog!!!!!!!!

Oh its been months since I have been here and it seems I forgot about it but here I come once in a while to write about its revival 😛

Time Management has hardly been my forte and whenever I think I will manage it this time I tend to forget to keep track of it 😦 But still I am looking to keep this place alive. Maybe I can slip a weekly post or a monthly one. Maybe just describing how my week or month was! (but how can I resist posting about cricket or sports 🙂 )

So, hopefully will come back for another post

Finally I am no more a berozgaar

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No post in quite some time. But I am back and hope to post a little more often these days. Seems a little bit unlikely how my past week and half has gone by. But I still can hope and I do :).

The past week and half has been a little too busy as I finally got a job and am no more berozgaar (unemployed). So now finding time for quite some things is getting difficult but I think I will manage somehow after a couple of weeks when I get used to the current drastic change in my life. Calling it drastic is a little bit awkward as it was desirable change but I also want to find some time for my hobbies and some leisure activities. It seems I want a lot without an compromise but at the moment I think it is more fun to adjust without compromising. Lets see whether I succeed in adjusting………..with my fingers crossed.

Girls are Evil

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This is a nice joke that I stumbled upon using stumble upon 🙂

Girls are Evil

Why I didn’t post for so long


Its been a long time since I last posted……… This phrase has been used by me for lot of times earlier but then ‘long time’ was about a month but now its nearly 2 and 1/2 months. So this has been real long long time. So for those  who kept visiting this blog to fin something interesting to read on here’s a big SORRY.

The name of this post seems to indicate that I am going to give the excuses why I wasn’t able to post about anything but it is not so. In this post I am going to blame the factors that didn’t allow me to post me about anything!!! (ok only if you view these things as two different things 😀 )

Well as always whenever its time to complete the assignments and submit them I always take a vacation from here. As I have this bad habit of procrastinating my assignments till the very last moment and then blaming others for it :). And as always this time there was no change in the pattern. In addition this time we have a project to be completed and submitted.

But hey this accounts for just last 15 days what about the other days?

Well many have told me before that they are very much addicted to the social networking sites orkut, twitter, facebook and many others. I was on orkut since I was 18 and wasn’t much addicted to it. I was always use to wonder what is in these sites that gets these people addicted. Because on orkut I never found any app (game) that would get me addicted. I liked to chat with my buddies there but when none of my buddies were online my mouse was always attracted to that signout button. Next destination was twitter and there I loved it for it being a micro-blogging site and even in these days when I found blogging difficult I used to go there and tweet there in between. Then I visited facebook. At start I didn’t found it as exciting but as I started exploring the apps (games) I found it more to my liking. Since I started out on FB I had been to games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and some of the other zynga games(all these I have quit playing now), Kingdom of Camelot (took a break for some days from this one) and King or Queen of the World (KotW). The last game that I mentioned is the main reason why I haven’t been blogging these days. This game is a real time strategy (rts) game with no graphics at all but with great gameplay. When I started out this game I found it real boring as I had to just build different buildings train soldiers and other than that do nothing but as days passed I found my interest in the game soaring and me devoting too much time to this game that was before unacceptable to me.

In the end I just hope that it doesn’t take too much time from me during my final exams which are due this may 😉

I pledge to stop student suicides!


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Recently, Alok Parande a visitor of my blog wrote this comment on the review of 3 Idiots

‘Hello, We have started a new initiative on facebook, to stop student suicides.. It will be great if you can join in and support us in this.. Spread the word, Save a life..

As has been the case with me I have always been spreading the word of such causes on my blog if someone asks me too and here am I doing it again. I, personally feel we don’t need money but more people to spread the awareness. So I hope that spreading the word like this through my blog would help our friend Alok in getting some more support in the cause that he is championing……

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My New Year Resolution


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Well most of the people make some new year resolution at the start of the new year but break those within some months if not in some days. Well now don’t tell me that I’ve picked these lines from somewhere because I know I did! I don’t remember where I read it as is the case with me most of the times but the most important thing is that I remembered this line and the thing that is more important than that is that it is indeed true as i myself will vouch for it. During my initial years of my teenage I would always make my new year resolution of getting fatter and eating more but my intake all over these years didn’t increase. (well that’s what my friends and relatives will say but I think that it increased but not in sync with my body.) So for last few years I had stopped making any new year resolutions.

Well since I forayed into facebook, I’ve been to some applications of it and this new year I tried this one about your new year resolution. So I have finally made a new year resolution albeit a different one. This time I have decided to not to loose the desire to learn. I think this isn’t that hard as I think have that desire and the only thing I have to do is to preserve this deserve. And since this was generated by the application of facebook I’ve decided to tweak it a little and make it more interesting. So my tweaked New Year’s Resolution is

Not to lose my desire to learn and increase that desire to atleast to double it

So hoping that this time I realize my ‘achievable’ new year’s resolution

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