The Avengers Review

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Cast : Robert Downey Jr.,Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsforth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson

Its been a while I seen movies and yesterday was a rare day when I took some time and watch a movie. And that too in a THEATER!!!! 😛

Jokes apart. Returning to the movie,

So what do you expect of a superhero movie? Of the previous superhero movies I expected this to be an emotional action packed movie. But fortunately, for a change, Avengers was a total entertaining movie. You get action from starting moment and its intensity goes on increasing with each passing moment. You get emotional side as well but it is in just the right amount (not like Spiderman 3 where I thought it was a little more than actually needed.). There are also witty one liners from Roert Downey Jr. (Tony Stark). So to sum it up all The Avengers surpasses all your expectations.

The Avengers has the biggest build up to it (if I am not wrong) with all the Iron Man movies, Captain America, The Incredibel Hulk and Thor movies. While all those movies were excellent (though I haven’t watched Thor movie 🙂 ) The Avengers in my opinion surpasses all of them in its entertaining content.

The plot of this movie is just plain simple. There is one ‘Loki’ (brother of Thor) who wants to rule the world with alien army. Sensing the threat that he possess, S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury assembles a team of superheroes to save the world. And as expected all supersheroes being from different backgrounds and bigger egos doesn’t agree on anything and bicker hilariously with scathing one-liners.

While Chris Evans is dead serious and methodical Captain America, Robert Downey Jr. is funny and irresistible, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow is damn sexy and smart. Chris Hemsworth as Thor is good, Jeremy Renner has got an interesting role as Hawkeye and plays it well. But Mark Ruffalo as Incredible Hulk steals the show by adding a different shade to the character. A reluctant hero but always ready to become angry. He along with Robert Downy Jr. just takes this film to another level.

While the heroes are great, Tom Hiddleston as the baddie Loki never gets overshadowed. He is quite a baddie with all those typical baddie dialogues and a good presence. One particular scene involving him and Incredible HULK just makes you laugh out loud.

The special effects of the movie are awesome which goes with most of the 3d action films these days. The larger than life action scenes of the second half are awesome and eye popping.

So overall the movie comes out with must watch tag. One of the most entertaining movie of the year.

My rating : 4.5/5.0


3 Idiots – Review

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Press This

Cast – Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor, Omi Vaidya, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani.
Direction – Rajkumar Hirani

This film released on 25th of December and for me this one was most awaited film of 2009 but due to my exams I couldn’t watch it as my exams were going on. I still couldn’t go to  watch this movie even after my exams concluded as one of my friend hadn’t still finished with his exams. Guess a film on engineering and engineers themselves couldn’t watch this movie due to their exams. Nevermind! In the end I got the opportunity to watch it yesterday.

Moving on to the movie, well I think , though Chetan Bhagat had problem with the credits I am sure he wouldn’t have any problem with the way the story has been executed. Now I am not going to comment on the controversy that brewed between him and the producer.

The movie starts with Farhan (Madhavan) getting a phone call from his once classmate Chatur Ramalingam (Omi Vaidya) in the pretext of meeting his long lost friend Rancho, Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad (Aamir Khan). So Farhan Qureshi forces an emergency landing of the plane he was travelling at that time, calls his another good friend Raju Rastogi (Sharman Joshi) and the film commences the journey of two friends to find the long lost friend. While travelling Farhan walks down the memory lane and let us peep into their college life, their days at the Imperial College of Engineering (ofcourse its fictitious) one of the top colleges of the country.

The story tells about free-spirited Rancho who denounces the education system as it puts pressure on the students and sometimes even forces them to take the dreaded step of suicide. He doesn’t want the rote learning mentallity to be adopted. Instead he proposes that student should understand what they are learning so that learning becomes fun and the students will enjoy it. he also proposes that you should follow your dreams rather than following others (in most cases parent’s) dream to be successful. But these thoughts of his were unacceptable to two people Chatur and his Viru Sahastrabuddhe or ViruS (Boman Irani), the principal of the college who interprets Rancho’s thoughts as criticism of his professors.

Well this has been the message of the story but while delivering the message the film never compromises the entertainment factor. And this makes the film more loving and adoring. And what can I say about the performances! Man everyone has chipped in here. Aamir Khan is brilliant as usual, Sharman Joshi and Madhavan does not remain behind in term of quality of performances. Kareena’s performance is as lovely as she is(Well I got to admit it this is the second film after Jab We Met where I like her performance). Boman Irani Repeats his dean performance of Munnabhai M.B.B.S. but you still won’t complain about it. Omi Vaidya is funny as well as best as Chatur Ramalingam. I bet he will leave you in splits with his Hindi and speech at an award function (which is already a rage among youngster) when Rancho changes some of the word with obscenities. Camerawork is great suiting the mood of the film and direction is remarkable. Rajkumar Hirani delivers another Munnabhai like film with a difference. Moreover it is the first film based on a novel which I liked as much as I liked the novel. The film incorporates some changes but never did it loses on the message that the novel had to convey.

Conclusion: Well this is a must watch movie for everyone for its message as well as the entertainment that it provides. If you missed this you should just watch it as soon as its possible……

My Rating: Thumbnail for version as of 16:19, 30 September 2006

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Slumdog Becomes Millionaire

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When the Oscars nominations were published the ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ had ten  nominations. Well yesterday night when the awards were awarded the ‘slumdog’ bagged 8 awards with 4 awards for 3 Indians. All this taking the awards count to cross 100 for this well directed and well wxecuted movie.

Hence, yesterday slumdog became a millionaire in true sense.

Well while reading and hearing the news I noticed that A.R.Rahman winner of 2 Oscars saying that ‘I followed what I loved the most in my life and here I am today’. Having just read Paulo Coelho’s ‘The Alchemist’ I just could not ignore it. It shows that how a person who follows his dreams could never fails. There would be some difficulties in achieving your dreams but if you remain presistent with your dreams you would definitely be succesful. As in the case of Rahman the difficulty came in the form of death of his supportive father in his earlier days of his life. So he had to shoulder the responsibility of his family.

As an Indian I am really happy today as 3 Indians were able to win the awards. These 3 had really made many Indians like me proud. It also makes me happy for the recognition they brought to Indian music.

So congratulations to all the winners of the Oscars.

Slumdog Millinaire – Review

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slumdog-millionaire-fl-02Cast: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto, Madhur Mittal, Ayush Mahesh Khadekar, Azzharuddin Mohammed Ismail, Rubina Ali, Anil Kapoor, Irfan Khan
Direction: Danny Boyle

I was really looking forward to this film for all the obvious reasons – the controversies and the international acclaim that it won.

To start with the film based on Vikas Swaroop’s novel ‘Q and A’, deals with thr ‘three musketeers’ (as the lead character Jamaal Malik puts it) – Jamaal Malik, his brother Salim Malik and Jamaal’s love interest Lattika.

The three characters very different in their approach towards life travel their own path. Salim becomes the henchman of the gangster, Lattika first end up in brothel and then in the gangster’s keep, while Jamaal becomes a ‘chaiwala’  in a call centre hoping to find his love again and again after repeatedly losing her.

The film is well directed and with fabulous camerawork. The film is also well edited. Anil Kapoor is brilliant as a ruthless game show host with ‘how a chaiwala knows the answers of my show’ attitude. Irrfan Khan is also good in his avtaar as a cop. Though I didn’t think the lead characters have done a great job but still they are worth watching. But the Kids in the film really steal the thunder from the rest of the casts.

And for all the controversies, I thought after watching the film, are meaningless as this is not a story which portrays the country as a thirld world country but a story of  ‘rags to riches’ kind with a true bollywood spirit of ‘love overcomes all’. I never got the feeling of anything that portrayed India in bad light.

So in all this is a must watch film. A film that really deserve the acclaim that it is getting.

My rating – 4.0/5.0 More

Jaane Tu ……ya Jaane Na – Review

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Cast: Imraan Khan, Genelia D’souza
Direction: Abbas Tyrewala

Well this one was one of the much awaited movies as it launches one of the exciting newcomer – Imraan Khan. Looking at Imraan, he does not have the looks to kill but definitely has the chocolate boy image that is quite similar to his famous uncle in his early days. And Imraan carries this image quite well through out the film. Well that’s the thing that I liked the most of him.

And what about the girl – Genelia D’souza? Well she is quite bubly and is cute. And acting wise she perfectly matches Imraan. They looked great couple on screen – atleast for me.(my friend did not endorse this)

First of all I thought that this will be a serious college love film. Well I was right on the latter two things but it was not a serious film. Its a light hearted college love film with some light hearted jokes. Certainly its totally Imraan film but I liked the other two Khans – Sohail and Arbaazz and Naseerudin Shah who had very small cameo to do. They really prove the metal of the seasoned campaigners between the camp of newcomers.

Well I liked the other newcomer who was calling the shot from behind the camera – Abbas Tyrewalla. He clearly steals the show from Imraan. The camerawork too is nice. I don’t need to say anything about the songs as they are already hit among the youth. In short its a decent film deserving a one time watch. A time pass film.

My Rating – 3/5