“Even my 11 year old can drive a bicycle; and you still can’t?” went my uncle. Commenting on my inability to drive any 2 wheeler present on this planet. Its been 23 long years stay of mine on this planet and I am still unable to drive even a bicycle!!! Nowadays even I have started taking pity at myself for the same.

Since I never really could drive a bicycle I never tried out any bike out of fear. Maybe I need a Mountain Dew (Darr ke aage jeet hain 😛 🙂 No need to thanks me Mountain Dew for this free of cost publicity ;)) whenever I try to learn to drive a bike. Or maybe I should directly try learning to drive a 4 wheeler.

When everyone including myself couldn’t make me feel myself better against this inability to drive a bike, our government did something that made me feel better. Hiking the price of petrol (by Rs7.50!!!). Suddenly my inability turns a blessing in disguise and my preference of walking or taking public transport every time a better option. And to those who oppose this price hike, this is the best way to support our environment 😉 😛