So Anna Hazare and all his follower’s struggle finally brought some good result with government agreeing to strong Lokpal bill and the whole nation has been overjoyed since. But the interesting question I was thinking is will this stop corruption? After thinking a lot I always come to one conclusion and that is NO.

Lokpal Bill was always about investigating corruption charges, if I am not wrong; thereby it becomes one of the means to bring the  culprits to punishment. Corruption is deep into our organization and hence we needed a strong Lokpal bill. Even Anna and team kept mentioning that this is one step towards controlling corruption. So what next?

As always it has to be started from ME. It was like this, it is like this and it will always be like this. You have to decline bribe, neither should you bribe anyone. I think we can achieve this. From the fact that so many people supported Anna I assume many of us have done it when it seemed the only option. So if we can opt for the difficult option i.e. without paying bribe then we should go with it. Its the only way in controlling the corruption.